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My thoughts on Seventeen's Getting Closer

The song is perfect for the performance they are doing, i think they've wanted to try out a darker concept for a while now. Glad they can live it out with this prerelease (or postrelease to Oh My? There are certainly enough callbacks to it)! I do think that they will go with sth different for their comeback though.

I know zero dance terminology but here goes me waxing poetry about the choreo:

The choreo is so intense and tight, i love Mingyu's charisma at the beginning, the slow-locking (?) they do and how the beginning almost looks like it's on double spped. I love how fast AND clean they dance, they are always executing their moves to the full, i'm getting breathless just watching it.

After that i love the canon tumbls they do, that must have been so exhausting to practice. The first time i watched the MAMA performance, i didnt even notice Vernon stepping on two other members.

Also Woozi just has this concept feeding out of his hand, this part is one of my favorites...just beautifully executed.

This part where they jump and then crouch down like this looks so badass to me, it gets me everytime. I wanna guess that Hoshi thought out this move, because there was a move in his dispatch dance where he slowly went down on his knees that gave me the same reaction lol

My second favorite part of the chreo is this whole part with Jun at the center here. The way he is jumping and looking like he's smashing his hand through the ground which in turn "sucks" the others to him almost looks like an anime heh.
So yeah, i'm very much in love and awe of the performance!

Also, i love THIS

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