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Seventeen - Fear Promotion Roundup Week 1 (Media Heavy!)

Official Video Uploads and Shows
[Official Uploads and Shows]
Seventeen Fear MV x [Eng] Fear Fanchant
[Eng] 190916 Time to get poisoned soon 🖤 x [Eng] 190916 'An Ode' Showcase
190916 [Dispatch] 'An Ode' Jacket Shooting BTS x [Eng] 190917 Concept Zone Opening 💎💕
Seventeen Fear Move Rec. (Dingo) x [Eng] Fear MV Behind The Scenes
[Eng] Dispatch - Sev-Ramyeon Challenge (❤) x [Eng] Dingo - Out Of Nowhere Interview with Seventeen (❤)
[Eng] Idol Room Ep. 68 (Part 1) (❤)
(Part 2 coming this week)
x [Eng] Inside Seventeen - World Tour 'An Ode to You' World Tour SEOUL Behind
[Eng] Going Seventeen 2019 Ep. 15 MBTI of SVT #2 (Mannequin prank ❤) x [Choreography Video] Seventeen - Fear

Other videos that got subbed this week are Korean Lesson 22 + 23, Haibao The8 Interview, KCON 2019 LA x MCountdown Backstage, Jun's Dream of Dreams MV Behind and Minghao giving a lecture about B-boying. Like17Subs also finished subbing Knowing Bros (it was a hard delivery), so if you want to rewatch the show with better/more complete/prettier subs, here you go.

Music Show Performances
[Music Show Performances]
Mnet MCountdown

Snap Shoot
Group (Skycam|M2|4K) | S.Coups | Jeonghan (Facecam) | Joshua (Facecam) | Jun | Hoshi (Facecam) | Wonwoo (Facecam) | Woozi | The8 | Mingyu | DK | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino
x Happy Ending (Korean Ver.)

x Group (Skycam) | Scoups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo (Facecam) | Woozi | The8 | Mingyu (Facecam) | DK | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino
Fear x

Music Bank

Fear x [5K] Seventeen Full Cam Fear (Choreo)

Music Core

Snap Shoot
Group | Jeonghan | Wonwoo
x Fear
Group | S.Coups | Hoshi | Woozi | Mingyu | DK


Snap Shoot
Group (High Angle) | Scoups (Facecam) | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | The8 | Mingyu | DK | Seungkwan (Facecam) | Vernon | Dino
x Fear
Group (High Angle|JIMMY JIB) | Scoups | Jeonghan Facecam | Joshua | Jun Facecam | Hoshi Facecam | Wonwoo | Woozi Facecam | The8 | Mingyu Facecam | DK | Seungkwan | Vernon Facecam | Dino

Pledis also shot solo cams for Fear during the showcase!


DK's and Hoshi's TMI

Hoshi tearing up seeing a fan tear up

Hoshi and Woozi chose FEAR as the most difficult song

© ©
© ©
© ©
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© ©

Charts and Numbers

[Charts and Numbers]
Digital Charts

Fear didn't shine on the domestic digital charts.

The track debuted at #26 on melon and rose up to #8. Its daily rank on the first day was #80. But, the low position it had - it held well throughout the whole week. Fear even finished the week with its till then best daily position #79 (probably thanks to fans being in a celebration-mood after cracking 700k album sales). Fear's first week digital rank on Melon is #82. Here are some comparison numbers how other title songs did on Melon (cr. to @bichuisigan)
Fear: 82
(HIT: 84)
Home: 32
Oh my: 23
Thanks: 34
Clap: 38
Dwc: 38
Boom boom: 68
Aju nice: 68
Pretty u: 45

I never know how much weight those itunes charts have, but 'An Ode' was #1 in 16 countries on itunes. The album also debuted at #1 on iTunes Worldwide Album Chart - their highest debut on their to date.

Physical Sales

Album sales on the hand were amazingly high.

On the first day, album sales tripled compared to their last album (mainly thanks to C-Carats preorders). By day 3, they already bested their YMMDawn 1st week sales. (in part thanks to J-Carats, since HMV now counts to Hanteo). By day 4 they bested their YMMD-sales in general. They doubled their first-week-sales since their last album and now hold #3 on the all-time highest first-week album sales on GAON.

Let's relive that Sunday again... It is 30 minutes before Sunday ends. Carats are camping on the Hanteo site and biting their finger nails because 'An Ode' is 200 copies away from reaching 700K.

As the minutes go by, fans are (๑⊙_⊙๑) (๑⊙_⊙๑) (๑⊙_⊙๑) Before, they were trying to organize some last-last-minute sales. KCarats tweeting asking who wants an album. KCarats and JCarats checking which stores still have stock and are open at this time. Carats in pajamas dragging their trolleys behind them, making their way to the store.

The numbers slowly rose...


Carats did it!!!!!

[Boys´ Fancafe Posts (beware of Woozi´s emotional essay)]S.Coups at 00:00 am

Jeonghan at 00:03 am

Dokyeom at 00:08 am

Wonwoo at 00:16 am

Joshua at 00:30 am

Hoshi at 00:51 am
(Apparently the guys were out eating at midnight and when Hoshi saw that they reached 700K, he immediately started crying at the restaurant)

Dino at 01:04 am

Minghao at 01:18 and 02:15 am

Woozi at 02:22 am (look at how long his letter his)

Jun at 11:25 am the next day

Interesting Tidbits
[Interesting Tidbits]
Jun's best friends are Carats

About that Sekka Sekka Challenge...

Hoshi wrote which lyrics in 247?

Whose idea were the Back It Up outfits?

Album Thanks To

[Thanks To (check out the difference between Scoups and Mingyus letter haha)]
Seventeen's Thanks To (credit)
The boys who used to shout "Akkinda" grew up, and the time that I spent with you was one after another. It's already been 5 years. Every single step I take with you guys is very precious. Seventeen members with staff work really hard to show Carats our passion through this 3rd full album. While preparing for this album, It became an opportunity to make a commitment with the members and to love each other more.

Both Seventeen and Carats have been waiting for too long, we hope this album will give you strength n hope our true feelings will reach the hearts of Carats. Finally, like this sentence "SVT Carat is that can't intimate", it becomes "we" that no one can imitate.
Thank you.
I love you.

Seungcheol's Thanks To (credit)
It’s over 4 years now.
In the past and now too, I can endure all the hard times thanks to carats.
I really thank you and love you sincerely with all my heart.
and I’ll love you even more.

Jeonghan's Thanks To

Joshua's Thanks To

Jun's Thanks To (credit kr ch)
Our 3rd full album is finally out! this time we are showing our really cool sides to our carats. we prepared really hard while thinking of everyone who is looking forward to it, so it'd be nice if carats like it. carats who always give us strength, lets be together for a long time~ in the future we/i hope to be able to show everyone more cool and various sides of us. you know that i always love you right? let's meet soon!

Just like before, I always wanted to show a different side of me to carats every comeback. So hope that this time too you'll like it~ time really passes by so quickly, I'll again rely on carats for our future endeavors too~ we will work even harder!

Wonwoo's Thanks To

Hoshi's Thanks To (credit)
an unexpected wind
who made me a warm spring breeze
our precious carat

always stop there
watching us for a long time
the look in your eyes I can't forget

because of you all
as much as my heart runs
I will continue without rest

I love you 🖤


Woozi's Thanks To

Minghao's Thanks To (credit)
I often ask myself, what if I never met you guys, what kind of ending will my story have? Thank you for coming by my side, giving me all your gentleness and bringing me love, in the future, I hope that all the blessings would surround all of you.
Thank you everyone. ♡

Mingyu's Thanks To

(click for bigger pic)

Seokmin's Thanks To (credit)

Seungkwan's Thanks To

Vernon's Thanks To (credit)

Dino's Thanks To

Some articles/reviews: MTV reviews HIT. Billboard also wrote a piece. Seoulbeats reviews 'An Ode'. Allure wrote about Joshua's red eyeliner.

What else happened last week?
Seventeen (HHU) were attending the 2019 Dubai Hallyu exhibition and appointed as ambassadors. Seventeen will perform in Dubai on Oct 17th. Pikicast wants Seventeen to appear on ASMR 'After Mom Goes to Sleep'. Wizones were streaming again to repay the repay of the repay of the---- Minghao and former Seventeen-trainee Mingming hung out! AAA Vietnam voting is going on, you can give 6 votes per day with twitter/facebook. CARAT BONG Ver.2 is now available to buy online! They already announced their GV or Sept 29th, which will also mark the end of their promotions. (Only two weeks promotion T.T)

Videos: Seventeen, carrot gyuu, Seventeen VLive, Dingo Music, ddingo, Mnet K-POP, M2, KBS World, Studio K, MBCkpop, SBS KPOP PLAY

Images: ageekofart, SVT_CHART 2, OrangeBoo0116, wwdn_1711 1 2, oyasumingyu, _starland_ HeavenlyV_DK, My13boys_0526, mycrescent_THE8, MALANGCOW__, SeaSalt_95, unwinged_angel, vivi960610, breathless_sc, bleuciel0218

Translations: bichuisigan, sweetlikehoshi, simplyjunhui, 17_HAMZZI (thread), wakanda4everess, 1woo17, soonberries, gyusnoona, chanshua_xd, caratfangirl, gentlemanshushu, haetbits, seokedmin, acevernon, kidmingyu, rawfudge, rozerenity, seungkwaned, onlyjunhui, archermoons, fairydinos


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